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“It works like a dream, and couldn't come at a better time... I partciularly appreciate the feature that refunds the time you don't use, since I don't always know how long I'll be out...”
Michael Kincaid,
Palo Alto, CA

General Faqs

Where can I get a card?

Click here to buy a card online, here for retailer vendor locations, or call 1-888-540-0546 and choose option 1 to buy a card over the phone.

What is the User Agreement?

Here you can read BikeLink System User Agreement.

How much does it cost?

Rental rates are typically 5¢ per hour. The rental fee is deducted from your BikeLink® card.

BikeLink® cards cost $20 and have $20 of rental value stored on them. The value on the card never expires, but the physical card will not last for ever. Please purchase a new card when your old card starts to look worn out. Then just use up the value on the old card before you start using the new one. We do not charge for the card itself, so there is no "penalty" for buying a new card.. There are are no membership fees or other ongoing costs aside from the hourly rental charge.

If you use a group parking facility, your bike's security is increased by the fact that we check every new user's ID the first time they access the facility. Our 24 hour operators do this remotely via camera. There is a one-time $5 charge deducted from card for this service.

While the value on the card never expires, if you lose your card the value is lost. We cannot transfer or refund value from a lost card.

What ways can I pay?

You can buy a card online using a Visa, MasterCard, or CommuterCheck for Parking card.

You can buy a card with cash at any of the vendors that carry the BikeLink® card. Many also accept credit or debit cards. Please contact the vendor directly for questions about what payment types are accepted.

You can also use some types of CommuterChecks to buy a card or add value. The CommuterCheck types that can be used are the blue CommuterCheck card that says "For Parking" on it and the paper vouchers which say "For Bicycling". Unfortunately we are not able to accept the green CommuterCheck card for transit. You can learn more about CommuterCheck here.

commuter-check-voucher blue-commuter-check no-green-commuter-check

What if I do not have enough value on my card when I return?

You will still be able to end the rental and get your bike, but your card will be zeroed out and you will be unable to start a new rental until you add value to it.

What about when my card runs out? Can I add value?

Yes. Click here to purchase a unique code which will allow you to add value onto your card the next time you are at a locker. You can also purchase add value by calling 1-888-540-0546. If you use a group parking facility, the value will be added automatically the next time you use the facility. You can add value to your card up to 31 times before the memory chip on the BikeLink card fills up.

How long can I park my bike?

Maximum rental duration is displayed at each location. Typically it is between 3 and 10 days.

What if I lose my card?

You can report a card as lost online using this form or by calling us. While the value on the card never expires, if you lose your card the value is also lost. The value is stored on the card itself, not on a network. This helps us to keep prices low.

If you lose your card when your bike is in a locker, we can help you retrieve it over the phone. Call our 24 hour helpline at (888) 540-0546.

One of the things that allows us to keep rental rates low is that our emergency response is limited to problems caused by equipment malfunction. If you have a question about this policy please email or call.

Can you refund my BikeLink® card purchase?

If you find that BikeLink® is not right for you, you may return your card for a full refund within 30 days of your purchase, provided the card is in new condition. Contact the BikeLink® main office here for return authorization. We are not able to offer refunds on cards beyond 30 days of purchase, or cards no longer in new condition.

Can you refund my BikeLink® add value purchase?

No. Once an add value code has been issued, we do not have a way to take it back.

Can you refund the value on a lost or damaged card?

Unfortunately, we cannot refund the value on a lost or mechanically damaged card. Your BikeLink® card is like cash. The value is stored on the card itself, not on a network. Therefore, it is not possible to have value on a card refunded if you lose it or damage it.
Bending a card too much can invisibly damage the electronics. We do not recommend keeping your card in your wallet if you sit on it.

Will there always be a parking space when I need it?

Parking is on a first-come, first-served basis. At lockers, you can rent an empty space in advance to hold it, but make sure you do not let the meter expire on an empty space, or your card may be disabled.

You can see how many parking spaces are installed at each location by clicking here.

Can I use a card other than the BikeLink card?

We are working to accept the Clipper regional transit card in the San Francisco Bay Area, the Compass Card in the San Diego Area, the Orca Card in the Northwest, and the SmartTrip card in the Washington DC area.

Will my BikeLink® card work at any BikeLink® facility?

Yes! BikeLink® is an inter-agency network. This means your BikeLink® card will work at BikeLink® facilities provided by different owners and in different regions. Some facility owners may choose to require an additional access code for a portion of their facility to ensure that their own employees have priority access. Contact the facility owner directly if an on-screen message indicates that an access code is required.

How do I update my information (like my email, phone number, address)?

To edit your profile,
1. Log in to your BikeLink account
2. Click "Profile" then "edit"
3. Update your information and click 'save'

If you change your phone number or email address, you will have to re-verify them before the new information takes effect.

eLocker-specific Faqs

Can I park more than one bike at a time?

Each card can only rent one locker at a time. If have small bikes, and both fit, that's fine. If you need to rent more than one locker at a time, you will need more than one card.

What happens if I let the meter expire?

If you let the meter expire you are charged a higher rate for the additional time.

How do I check my balance?

Because the value is stored only on your card, we do not have a way to check the balance remotely. The value on your card is displayed whenever you start or end a rental. At a locker, you can also press and hold the button while inserting your card to view your balance.

There is only one button. How do I enter a code?

The button on the locker allows you to scroll through letters A-Z and then 0-9. Once you stop at a letter or number, the cursor will move to the next space automatically after a few seconds.

Note that the screen used to enter an Add Value code is accessed by pressing the button twice BEFORE you insert your card.

I forgot something inside! What do I do?

If your bike is parked inside the locker, end the rental, retrieve your item, close the door and start a new rental. If you do not start a new rental, anyone with a BikeLink® card could open the locker.

If your bike is not in the locker anymore, start a rental, retrieve your item, close the door and end the rental. If you do not end the rental, others will not be able to use the locker and you will not be able to use your card at another locker until you end the rental.

How do I enter the Lost Card Code?

To open an eLocker that has been rented to you, if your card is lost or not working

  1. Go to the eLocker that has an ongoing rental to your card.
  2. Press button repeatedly to get to "Lost Card" screen.
  3. Insert any standard size plastic card. If you are not prompted for a code, hold down button while you are at the "Lost Card" screen.
  4. Enter your code. Use the button to scroll A-Z, 0-9, pausing between characters to advance the cursor.

Note: If you find your card, insert it into the same locker to clear rental on card. Your card will not work again until you do this. It does not matter if the locker is in use by someone else.

Group Parking Facility Faqs

What happens if I leave my bike for too long?

At a group parking facility, your bike may be impounded if you leave it past the maximum rental duration. We will make every effort to contact you before taking such action.

How do I check the balance on my card?

The value on your card is displayed whenever you start or end a rental. Information about card balance can not be viewed online

I have more than one bike. How do I get more stickers?

An additional set of stickers costs $5. Click here to buy more stickers. Alternatively, you can use a temporary hang tag (provided at the facility) to mark the additional bike with your BikeLink® card number.

Can I park more than one bike at a time?

There is a limit of one parked bike per card. If you need to park more than one bike at a location, please use a card for each bike. Please make sure that any bike you park in the facility is marked with the BikeLink® card number you used to check in.

I am using a different bike than usual - what should I do?

As long as the bike is marked with the number on the back of the card you used to check in our auditors will know that the bike belongs to you. You can use a temporary hang tag provided at the facility.

Can kids use BikeLink® Group Parking?

We welcome cyclists of all ages! Everyone parking a bike in the facility should have their own card, including kids. Parents are responsible for children using the facility. If your child does not have a photo ID you should complete the first time ID check with your child.

Why the 10 minute rule?

On average it takes less than 10 minutes to enter, find a spot and securely lock a bike in the facility. The 10 minute rule helps us to screen for suspicious activity. If you exit more than 10 minutes after entry a silent and/or audible alarm is triggered and BikeLink® staff will check the activity and security of the station. If you have questions or concerns about this policy please contact us.

I want to be polite. Why can't I let someone else in?

Any person legitimately entering the facility should have and use a BikeLink® card, even if they are just running back in to retrieve something. The only security breaches we have had in group facilities have happened because a vetted cardholder has allowed entry to someone else combined with a bike not being properly locked inside the facility.

If a friend who does not have their own card is accompanying you, please set a good example by having your companion wait outside the facility.

I forgot something inside! What do I do?

Every time you insert the card and press the button, the system thinks that you are either parking your bike or retrieving your bike.

If you need to re-enter and your bike is parked inside, follow the prompts for retrieving bike. Collect your items. Upon exiting, insert card and follow prompts for parking bike so that the system knows that your bike is still inside.

If you need to re-enter and your bike is not inside, follow the prompts for parking bike. Collect your items. Upon exiting, insert card and follow prompts for retrieving bike so that the system knows that your bike is not parked inside.