A simple, full-service, keyless, secure bike parking solution.
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Over 20 years ago BikeLink® introduced secure on-demand bike parking. As the first company in the space, our history of innovation has enabled us to become today’s leader in the industry. We are your trusted partner when it comes to providing your commuters with simple, flexible, and convenient bike parking solutions.


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A better designed bike locker.

Our industry-leading eLockers are engineered with 304 stainless steel to resist all kinds of tampering, prying, and cutting. Their modular configurations make installation easy, while maximizing parking availability. For monitoring and enforcement, we’ve designed the roof and walls to allow public safety officers to look inside the lockers. Each eLocker comes with a three year warranty and free technical support for their entire life.

Quad eLocker

4 spaces, 2 Controllers

Most popular and cost effective.

Double eLocker

2 spaces, 2 Controllers

Recommended for sites with limited clearance.

Wedge eLocker

2 spaces, 1 Controllers

Typically arranged in quarter or half circle grouping.

Riders love the security and simplicity of BikeLink® lockers.

  • Security

    Our extremely durable lockers are designed to resist all forms of tampering, and lead the industry in pry bar resistance—the most common form of bike locker tampering. Commuters can enjoy their day with the peace of mind knowing their bike will be waiting for them when they return.

  • Simplicity

    Riders can easily access any one of over 7000 parking spaces on-demand through a prepaid BikeLink card, the BikeLink app, or a commuter card linked to their account. It’s fast and easy to recharge cards when the funds get low.

  • Accessibility

    Our lockers are space conscious, but still large enough to accommodate cargo bikes. Parking is usually 5 cents or less per hour, making it an option for all riders. And, in addition to on-demand parking, many agencies offer programs for daily and monthly parkers.

We’re trusted by more than

80 transit agencies

—and we’re just beginning to roll.

Some of our transit agency partners include: