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About the Garden Communities Bike Share Program

Our bike share program allows you to enjoy our beautiful community by bike. Visiting friends? Running a few errands? Check out a bike and make it a breeze!

Bike rental costs:

less than 6 hours $0.50 per hour
6 to 24 hours $1.50 per hour
Maximum Rental 24 hours*

* If rental exceeds 24 hours, your credit card will be charged up to $1000

About BikeLink™

The Garden Communities Bike Share program uses BikeLink™! Click here for more information. To rent a bike, you'll need a BikeLink™ card. The same card that lets you rent a bike at Garden Communities also lets you park a bike at over 150 locations.

Cards cost $20 and give you $20 of rental value. When you rent a bike or park, an hourly charge is deducted from your BikeLink™ card. Unused time is refunded to the card.

How to Rent a Bike

  1. Get a BikeLink™ Card
  2. Insert your activated card in any locker displaying "Bike Available"
  3. Press OK and remove card. Door will open. Remove bike, helmet and lock!
  4. Return bike, helmet and lock to any locker displaying "Return Bike Here"

You may rent a bike for up to 24 hours.

If a bike is in need of repair, press the button when prompted while ending rental. Please call BikeLink™ at 1-888-540-0546 to report the problem.


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