“Now with the BikeLink lockers I will be back riding to BART at every opportunity. Thanks.”
Doug Donaldson,
Albany, CA

Step 1: Review Cost Information - Step 2: Register or Login - Step 3: Pay

BikeLink cards cost $20 and have $20 of rental value stored on them. When you park, an hourly charge (typically 5 cents per hour) is deducted from the card. Unused time is refunded to the card.

The card value never expires.

There are are no membership fees or other ongoing costs.You pay only for the time and services you use.

We let you choose when and how to refill your card. We do not store credit card information.

If you use a group parking facility (where lots of bikes are parked in one room), your bike's security is increased by the fact that we check every new user's photo ID the first time they access the facility. Our 24 hour operators do this remotely via camera. There is a one-time $5 charge deducted from the card for this service. If you park in an eLocker (where one bike goes in each space), the ID check is not required and there is no one-time $5 fee.

While the value on the card never expires, if you lose your card the value is also lost. Because most of the BikeLink system is not networked, we cannot transfer or refund value from a lost card.